Launch Java Climate Model using Java Web Start...

Note: This easily-launchable version of JCM dates from 2011! Although it is still here, computers have evolved, so it may not open easily.
Here is info about a New Version (2017)

Just click on the launch button below to load and start JCM
(no other installation is required)

Choose the initial setup of the model (plots and parameters) :

Allow Disk Access
(Disk access is useful to save setups / plots / tables, copy data to clipboard, etc., for this you have to accept a security certificate to say you trust JCM. Testing JCM without disk access gives high security but limited capabilities for saving output).

Choose which extra data files to include:
(These add functionality but are not essential, JCM may download faster without them)
Include: Size(MB):
Model and core data 2.6 (Essential)
LUC Data 0.5 (Essential)
Documentation 0.3 Interactive documentation
Source Code 0.4 To inspect within model
GCM Data 2.8 To calculate regional climate changes (old IPCC-TAR data)
MATCH Data 2.2 Historical national emissions (visible but not used now)
Background images 0.3 To show behind plots
Substance Look&Feel 1.7 Looks nice, many themes, only for Java 6+

Java Webstart will cache JCM5 locally, so you can use it offline, but should automatically check for updates if you reopen it whilst online.

JCM requires Java 5 or above -see problems with starting JCM?

Zip package

You can instead run JCM offline by downloading and unpacking the following zip package:

Unpack this, keeping all the jar files in the same directory
From Windows or Mac, just (double) click on JCM5.jar to run the model.
In Linux, use the command java -jar JCM5.jar (from the directory containing these files)

More info about the package

In this case, there is no automatic check for updates, so please check this page again soon.

It doesn't work? Problems with Java? Look here
Want to adapt JCM? The source code is open