Java Climate Model - Links

Sorry this page is old, needs updating! Meanwhile here are links to:
  • Ben Matthews home page and contact info
  • Papers / Presentations (applying JCM, including some from 2016)

  • Old Links Page

    (Note: this page needs updating ... may split into science applications, educational applications, and references - bringing general text with external links out of the model documentation )

    Papers and Presentations applying JCM

    older papers page on chooseclimate
  • EGU
  • Moscow Abstract
  • Trieste Optimisation under Uncertainty
  • MATCH and ACCC
  • UNFCCC Research Dialogue and
  • ABCI papers
  • Swiss Analysis of Indian proposal for post-2012 emissions pathways (with INFRAS)
  • JCM documentation

    Belgian links

  • UCL-ASTR Institut d'Astronomie et de Géophysique, Université catholique de Louvain
  • ABCI project Aviation and Belgian Climate policy, Integration Options and Impacts
  • The Belgian Science Policy has supported development of JCM

    JCM has also been developed with...

  • IVIG, Rio International Virtual Institute for Global Changes, University of Rio de Janeiro (with Christiano Pires de Campos)
  • KUP Bern Univ Bern, Klima & UmweltPhysik       (
  • UNEP GRID Arendal, Norway      (
  • DEA-CCAT, Copenhagen, with Jesper Gundermann

    former website hosting JCM:
    (See also History of JCM)

    Educational Applications of JCM

  • Courses at UCL
  • Negotiation Role play at COP9 Milano
  • Open University, UK (The Environmental Web) another link
  • KTH-LWR, Stockholm
  • Politecnico di Torino, Italy
  • Iowa State Uni
  • Penn State Uni
  • Univ Bern Carbon cycle course
  • Univ Waterloo Canada
  • Intute uk
  • BBC climate challenge
  • Other...? - please tell me

    Sources for Science and Data

  • IPCC Intergovernmental Policy on Climate Change
  • UNFCCC United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
  • FAO
  • WEO
  • EIA
  • Magicc model tuning papers

    Google Links to JCM

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