Java Climate Model: Conditions of Use

Note: The conditions below were published on the original websites of JCM many years ago (since 2001). At my former institute there was a discussion as to whether these should be replaced by a standard license. This page was "temporarily" removed but the issue was not resolved, so eventually I put it back, pending a better version. See also New Version issues.
In the interests of global understanding, the Java Climate Model is made freely available and the code always has been, and will remain, open source - nothing is hidden.
However, users are expected to respect the following points (in which the term "JCM" refers to the complete package, model, code, documentation, data, images etc.)

The copyright / ownership of the JCM remains with its authors (until now, principally Ben Matthews), not to any organisation.
The authors cannot accept responsibility for any adverse impacts of using the JCM.

Users of JCM:

Note: Sometimes it is useful to put a local copy of JCM on an internal website, for example to store a specific version associated with instructions for a course.
If you do this please include a link back here to so that users can find the more recent version.
The climate keeps changing, as does the science - so please don't abandon isolated out-of-date copies of the model on the internet!
(Note: old versions of the model remain available here - see archive )